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HOA is a family owned and operated business with over ONE MILLION items from some 4,300 factories, and a customer base that covers the U.S.  With HOA you get the personal attention that ONLY a FAMILY OWNED BUSINESS CAN PROVIDE!

Our Master Web Site allows you to access all of Hands On America's products and services via one location!! Clicking on the various links at the left will take you to the site or site component that you would like to review.



Just complete the form below (items you are looking for, quantity, any specific characteristics like color, shape, etc. plus the date by which you need the items in hand). We will then do all of the research for you at no charge and build you your own PERSONALIZED ELECTRONIC STORE. 

The personalized store will come to you via an embedded link in an e-mail.  Along with the link will be your own personalized access code.  You can then: review the store at your leisure, forward the link and code to others to review, etc.